Parking 64 was born in October 2014, spontaneously during a conversation between Óscar, an entrepreneur and guide of expeditions in different locations of the globe like Alaska, Papua, Brazil …  Ramón, director of Sea Shepherd Spain, and other friends, in a bar of the Born neighborhood, Barcelone.

The idea is clear, create a platform that promotes and supports the world of construction motorcycles, opening up to the various sensibilities linked to the world of motor, design and art, while promoting and directly linked to protection of natural ecosystems.

Based on this objective, Parking 64 is developed, an annual event in which construction bikes, art, fashion and music will meet in unusual spaces with a special, inclusive and quality atmosphere, around a Lifestyle.
Blue Bubble World, an organization for the protection of natural ecosystems, takes charge of starting and carrying out the idea. The project is enthusiastic, and soon has the participation of several collaborators. After much dedication, energy, new ideas and many evenings with a beer, the event is defined.
In 2015, Parking 64 celebrated its first event in the Poble Espanyol of Barcelona with a success, that surpassed the expectations. More than 60 bikes were part of the exhibition of Parking 64, and more than 3000 enthusiasts attended the event.
The first edition of Parking 64 was mainly aimed at the national sector, but since its inception has an international vocation and the idea is to count more and more manufacturers, brands and international public, without sacrificing the quality and being opened to new “actors” from the motor lifestyle.
The event grows with each edition and since the second edition has had a close relationship with photography, art and all the culture linked to a lifestyle that does not stop evolving.
Parking 64 welcomes all those people, builders, artists and brands that have supported and continue to support the event, along with which we are getting to be referents in the sector.
Parking 64, continues to grow, open to new ideas that are joining the Project. True to its origins and always betting on quality, it organizes annual celebrations of the event in unusual places of special architectural, historical and / or geographical interest.
We invite you to continue sharing with us Parking 64, much more than an event, the dream of many crazy and some sane, always necessary to carry out this great dream.